Picking the Perfect Size Coolaroo Shade Sail

When installing a Coolaroo shade sail in your outdoor space, choosing the right size is key to maximizing coverage and enjoyment. Coolaroo offers their shade sails in a variety of dimensions to fit small and large areas.

Standard Sizes

Some of the most popular and commonly purchased sizes of Coolaroo shade sails include:

  • 10 ft x 10 ft – Provides 100 sq ft of coverage, ideal for shading medium spaces like patio seating, play areas, or over pools.
  • 12 ft x 12 ft – At 144 sq ft, this size sail can cover larger spaces like garden beds, playgrounds, or dining areas.
  • 16 ft x 16 ft – With 256 sq ft of shade, this sail size works well over large patios and decks.
  • 20 ft x 20 ft – One of the biggest standard sizes at 400 sq ft, great for shade over expansive pool decks, gardens, or courtyards.

Custom Sizing

If you have an uniquely shaped area you want to cover, Coolaroo also offers custom-cut shade sails in a variety of dimensions to fit the space precisely.

Some popular custom sizes include:

  • 12 ft x 20 ft
  • 16 ft x 24 ft
  • 18 ft x 18 ft

Square, rectangular, triangular or irregularly shaped shade sails can be made to order. Measure your space carefully and check with a Coolaroo designer for planning a custom sail.

Choosing the Right Size

Consider the time of day you need shade and the sun’s path when determining the ideal shade sail size. Allow for at least 8-12 feet of clearance around the edges for proper airflow. An experienced Coolaroo installer can help select, measure and fit the perfect shade for your unique needs.