Find the Perfect Coolaroo Shade Sail at Bunnings

Bunnings is the ideal place to purchase a quality Coolaroo shade sail for your home or business. This leading retailer offers a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any outdoor space.

The Coolaroo Brand

Coolaroo is one of Australia’s top makers of shade sails. Their fabric is engineered to block up to 90% of UV rays while providing airflow. This keeps areas like patios, gardens, and playgrounds cooler in summer.

Range of Sizes

At Bunnings, you’ll find Coolaroo shade sails ranging from small 10x10ft sizes up to large 20x20ft sails. Rectangular, square, and curved options are available to maximize shade.

Standard Sizes

  • 10x10ft
  • 10x13ft
  • 13x13ft
  • 16x16ft
  • 20x20ft

Custom Sizes

Bunnings also offers custom Coolaroo shades in unique dimensions to fit your space precisely.

Shape Options

In addition to square and rectangle shades, Coolaroo’s range at Bunnings includes:

  • Triangular sails
  • Curved/scalloped sails
  • Irregular quad sails

Color Choices

Choose from classic colors like beige, charcoal, and navy to bright shades of red, yellow, and lime green.

Installation Available

Bunnings offers professional Coolaroo shade sail installation so you can enjoy cool shade immediately.

Visit your nearest Bunnings store or browse online to find the perfect UV blocking and stylish Coolaroo shade sail today!