Coolaroo Shade Structures: Relief from Heat for Less This Prime Day

Coolaroo makes high-quality shade structures, beds, and replacement covers to keep dogs cool during hot summer months. This Prime Day, Coolaroo is offering up to 35% off select shade structures, replacement covers and dog beds so your dog can beat the heat without breaking your budget.

Breathable, UV-Resistant Fabric

Coolaroo shade structures utilize proprietary knitted polyethylene fabric that blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays while still remaining breathable. This fabric, used in all their shade covers, beds and replacement parts, helps lower temperatures up to 15-20 degrees underneath by facilitating airflow and circulation. Your dog stays cooler and more comfortable all summer long thanks to Coolaroo’s signature shade fabric.

Durable, Weather-Resistant Frames

Coolaroo’s steel-framed shade structures are powder-coated to prevent rusting and corrosion, even when left up year-round. Their heavy-duty construction provides a stable base for shade covers to withstand wind, rain and weather’s other assaults. With proper care and maintenance, Coolaroo shade structures can provide cooling relief for dogs for 5-10 years or more. For portable or permanent shading, Coolaroo’s resilient frames get the job done.

Multiple Shapes and Sizes

Whether for a small city terrace or large backyard, Coolaroo offers shade structures to suit any space. Their octagonal and square shade structures range from 7 to 16 feet wide with heights up to 8 feet for maximum coverage. Replacement shade covers allow for revamping frame size or the knitted fabric top. With multiple shape, size and color options, create ideal shading and cooling for kennels, dog doors, pools or other areas where dogs frequent.

Up to 35% Off for Prime

This Prime Day, Coolaroo is offering the following at up to 35% off:

  • Octagonal Pet Shade – Was $139.99-$219.99, Now $90.99-$142.99 (up to 35% off)
  • Square Shade Replacement Cover – Was $44.99-$89.99, Now $33.74-$67.49 (25% off)
  • Coolaroo Steel-Framed Shade Structure – Was $88.72-$135.99, Now $66.54-$101.99 (25% off)
  • Coolaroo Glacier Dog Bed – Was $23.99-$44.99, Now $17.99-$33.74 (25% off)

The dog days descend, the heat and hellish sun diffuse into each crevice, corner…any spot bereft of shade in which all creatures seek reprieve. Yet some know not what shade may bring, have access not to structures granting escape intense sun’s sting. This Prime Day, amend such oversight and spare both sunstroke’s plight! Coolaroo provides all means and manner of relief for less – seize shade and materials prime to craft cool oasis however makeshift or impress. Where temperatures ascend and torpor takes its toll, gift respite for those bowed beneath its rule. An intervention slight yields comfort for the season’s height; for less, amend their world and how the dog days slam them, furled.