Coolaroo Shade Sizes: How to Choose the Right One for Your Outdoor Space

Coolaroo shades are a popular choice for outdoor spaces as they provide an optimal balance of shade and ventilation. They come in various sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space. However, choosing the right size can be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with Coolaroo’s product offerings.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the right Coolaroo shade size for your outdoor space by exploring different factors that should influence your decision.

## Consider Location and Purpose

The first factor to consider when picking a Coolaroo shade size is the location where you intend to install it. This could include a patio, pool area, garden, or any other outdoor space where you want to create a comfortable environment.

Additionally, it’s important to consider what purpose you want your Coolaroo shade to serve. Do you need it strictly for sun protection? Or do you also want it to provide privacy or enhance aesthetic appeal? In general, larger shades are better suited for areas that require more coverage like patios and verandas while smaller shades work better in intimate spaces such as alcoves or courtyards.

## Measure Your Space

Once you have determined the location and purpose of your desired shade installation area; measure the space itself. Assess its width and length dimensions (if possible), so that when selecting a Coolaroo shade size -you’ll get one that fits perfectly within those parameters.

A good rule of thumb when measuring is that your new coolaroo shade should be large enough to cover 80% of the entire surface area of your open-air section. For example, if your patio measures fifteen feet by ten feet =150 sq.ft., then the suitable recommendation would be an 11′ x 17′ rectangular-shaped coolaroo outdoor sunshade sail.

In cases where there’s no existing structure present – roofs or posts -or trees as an alternative, installation requires additional items to keep the sunshade sails secure and taut. Therefore, ensure your calculations factor in enough space for hardware, posts or poles.

## Determine the Shape of Your Space

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a Coolaroo shade size is the overall shape of your outdoor space. This will help you pick a shape that best fits your needs while maximizing coverage and reducing UV exposure.

Coolaroo shades come in various shapes; rectangular, square, triangle and crescent shaped sunsail. It’s essential to choose a suitable size and shape that works with your outdoor space. For example, if you have a narrow area such as an alleyway or walkway between two buildings or fence lines ;a long and narrow rectangular-shaped sail would be the best fit.

Another consideration is whether you want a freestanding structure or one that attaches to an existing surface. If you’re looking for something free-standing like an umbrella-style shade canopy then, make sure it fits within its respective alignment with other items located in the open-air section (i.e., furniture placement).

## Sun Exposure

A final consideration when selecting Coolaroo shade sizes is the intensity of sunlight exposure that your outdoor space receives during different times of the day. Areas that are more exposed should use larger shades.

For instance; an east-facing porch may require smaller sized coolaroo shades while west-facing patios require larger ones since they receive direct afternoon sun exposure from noon until sunset hours. Areas facing north may need thin strips as they don’t experience direct sun exposure throughout specific times of day/seasons.

## Final Thoughts

Deciding on which Coolaroo shade size can be overwhelming due to multiple variables involved – location purpose/shape/measurement considerations/sunlight hazards-to mention a few; but taking time for upfront planning can save you money by helping avoid costly mistakes down the road.

When setting up your Coolaroo shade, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation with regards to installation. When done correctly – your Coolaroo shade will not only provide optimal sun protection, it will also add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space.