Coolaroo Shade Cloth – Sun Protection for Pets

Coolaroo Shade Cloth provides UV-resistant shade fabric for protecting pets from the sun. Their knitted polyethylene shade cloth blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays while still allowing air flow. For dog kennels, patios, decks or any area where pets relax outside, Coolaroo Shade Cloth aims to create comfortable shaded spaces so you can enjoy the outdoors together, worry-free. Affordable sun protection in stylish designs – stay cool in the shade together.

UV-Resistant Shade Fabric

Coolaroo Shade Cloth offers the following benefits:
•Blocks up to 90% of UV rays: Knitted polyethylene fabric protects from sun damage and overheating.
•Allows optimal air flow: Breathable, woven design permits maximum ventilation and heat release.
•Resists fading and weathering: Fabric is treated to withstand sun and elements for up to 5-10 years outdoors.
•Easy to install: Lightweight, flexible cloth can be attached to existing structures with cable ties, staples, nails or grommets.
•Multiple sizes: Available in widths from 6 to 16 feet and lengths from 10 to 150 feet. Easily cut to size.
•Stylish colors: Comes in beige, forest green and terracotta. Coordinates with any outdoor decor.
For shade anywhere pets play or relax outside, Coolaroo makes sun protection positively simple. Affordable, UV-resistant coverage in any size or color, designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. Play it cool in the shade – the woven, weather-ready way together.

Additional Products

Coolaroo also offers other high-quality pet products including:
•Elevated pet beds: Raised, breathable beds keep pets cool and comfortable indoors/outdoors.
•Travel beds: Lightweight, foldable beds for pets on the go. Easily stored or set up anywhere.
•Vehicle shades: Blocks sun while driving to protect passengers from UV rays and heat.
•Misters: Portable misting kits provide cooling relief from heat for pets. Uses ice water or hose connection.
•Ramps/steps: Makes it easy for pets to access vehicles, furniture or any raised area. Textured, non-slip.
•Toys: Interactive toys provide mental and physical stimulation for pets. Puzzle toys, balls, ropes, etc.
For staying cool and comfortable with pets at play or rest, Coolaroo’s range of innovative fabrics and elevated essentials aims to keep the good times uninterrupted. Adventure ready for action or lazy lounging in the sun – share the shade together, naturally. Play possibilities unleashed yet protected – that’s Coolaroo comfort for every season under the sun.

Coolaroo provides innovative shade and comfort solutions for pets and their owners. Their UV-resistant knitted fabrics, elevated beds, travel gear, misters, steps/ramps and more give pets freedom to roam in comfort outside. For owners seeking to safely share everyday moments together in the sun, Coolaroo makes sun protection and overheating prevention positively easy. Unleash adventure together in comfort no matter the weather – stay cool, naturally in the shade. Play on!

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