Coolaroo Pet Shades and Shelters

Coolaroo offers a range of fabric pet shades, shelters, and kennels designed to protect dogs from outdoor elements like sun, rain, and insects. Made of breathable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, Coolaroo shades block up to 90% of UV radiation while still allowing air flow. Ideal for homes and outdoor kennels, Coolaroo products provide temperature regulation, natural lighting, and weather protection for increased pet comfort in outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Coolaroo Shades and Shelters

Some of the benefits of Coolaroo fabric pet shades include:

  • UV protection – Shades and kennels are treated to block up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation which can cause heat exhaustion, sunburn and skin damage in pets.
  • Temperature regulation – The breathable HDPE material and open sides of the shades allow for maximum airflow and heat release in hot weather while still providing shelter. Helps prevent overheating.
  • Weather-resistant – While not fully impermeable, the shade material resists penetration from light rain showers and retains shape in windy conditions. Kennel covers add weather protection.
  • Rust and fade-proof – Powder-coated steel frames and UV-stabilized fabric will not rust, corrode or fade in outdoor conditions over time.
  • Easy to assemble and secure – Most models pop up or fold out for quick setup. Ground stakes, tie-downs and kennel clamps provide stability.
  • Portable and spacious – Lightweight, folding designs with zippered carrying cases allow for easy transport and storage. Shades provide up to 64 square feet of covered space. Kennels feature large interior areas.

Types of Coolaroo Pet Shades and Shelters

Coolaroo offers three main types of outdoor pet shades and shelters:

  • Pet shade sails – Triangle-shaped shades available in multiple sizes. Provides UV protection and temperature control.
  • Pet gazebos – Hexagon or octagon-shaped steel frame gazebo with canopy roof. More spacious and weather-resistant shelter option.
  • Pet kennels – Steel frame kennels covered in breathable mesh or canvas. Includes zippered doors, covers and tie-downs. Provides full outdoor enclosure.

Coolaroo fabric pet shades and shelters offer dogs and their owners peace of mind in hot and inclement weather conditions. By protecting against sun, rain, insects and temperature extremes in an open-air design, Coolaroo aims to increase the safety, health, and opportunities for dogs to enjoy outdoor living spaces and activities. Owners have found the shades and kennels to be high-quality, durable and dependable for many years of use.