Coolaroo: Keeping Dogs Cool and Comfortable

Coolaroo produces high-quality cooling products for dogs to help prevent overheating and promote comfort in warm weather. With regular use of Coolaroo gear, you can keep your dog cooled down on hot days or during activity. For dog owners on Amazon Prime Day, Coolaroo frequently offers deals and discounts on their most popular cooling items.

Coolaroo Steel-Framed Dog Cot

Coolaroo’s signature product is their Steel-Framed Dog Cot. The elevated cot allows for maximum air flow and cooling with a breathable center pad. On Prime Day, Coolaroo often offers promotions on their Dog Cot such as:

  • 30% off Small size cot: For smaller breeds, a 30% discount makes the Dog Cot an affordable way to keep dogs up and off hot surfaces.
  • Buy 1, get replacement pad 50% off bundle: The bundle allows shoppers to purchase one Dog Cot at regular price and get a replacement cooling center pad for half off the regular cost.
  • Lightning Deal: 40% off Large size cot: For a limited time, the 40% off Lightning Deal creates urgency for shoppers with bigger dogs to buy before the deal ends.

Coolaroo Cooling Vehicle Seat Protector and Elevated Pet Feeder

In addition to the Dog Cot, Coolaroo offers the Cooling Vehicle Seat Protector and Elevated Pet Feeder for additional cooling and comfort. The Seat Protector absorbs and dissipates heat for a cooler ride, while the Elevated Feeder keeps food and water off hot surfaces. On Prime Day, shoppers can find:

  • $5 off coupon for Seat Protector or Elevated Pet Feeder: The $5 off coupon makes these alternative products more affordable, especially as add-ons to the Dog Cot for maximum cooling effects.
  • Free 1-day shipping on orders over $60: Free expedited shipping provides extra incentive for shoppers to choose Coolaroo for high-quality cooling gear.

Innovative Products for Hot Weather

With regular use of Coolaroo’s dog cots, seat protectors, feeders and pads, dog owners can keep their dog comfortable in warm weather and prevent overheating. By elevating dogs off hot surfaces and facilitating maximum air flow, Coolaroo promotes health and activity even on the hottest summer days. On Amazon Prime Day, Coolaroo’s frequent promotions and discounts make their premium cooling products accessible to more dog owners providing relief from the dangers of overheating and heat stroke in dogs.